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Quality products for your school fundraiser.  Fall fundraisers, spring fundraiser - all are offered with high profits, and free services to make your job as the fundraising coordinator easier.  Choose your own catalog fundraiser, candy fundraiser or other unique fundraiser product.  Or, let us recommend a great fundraising idea for your school or group.  DMI staff are ready to help you start your sale.
Catalog Fundraisers Candy Bar Fundraisers
A traditional and profitable fundraising idea - catalogs!
A fast and easy fundraising idea - candy!
Fannie May Fund Raisers Snifty Scented Products Fundraisers
Fannie May - The best value and taste in fundraising!
A fundraiser that makes good scents - SNIFTY!
$1 Fundraising Items $2 Fundraising Items
Boxed Candy Fundraisers Cool+New!
Higher priced, in-hand items for raising funds fast!
There are two primary fundraising season, fall and spring, but DMI adds new products all thru the school year.  Check back often to see what is new and cool for your next fundraiser.
Discount Card Fundraiser Frozen Food Fundraiser
A popular fundraising idea - Frozen Cookie Dough!
Lollipop Fundraiser Peanut Free Fundraising Items
Candy is one of the best products to use for fundraising.  Favorite flavors, unique shapes and a low selling price make lollipops a great year round fundraiser.   Lollipop fundraisers have greatest appeal with the younger crowd.
Spirit Wear Tshirt Fundraiser Summer Sellers
Most often offered as a community building project, spirit wear is fashionable choice for a fundraiser.
Too hot for chocolate? Try any of these great choices!
50-Cent Fundraising Items Wellness Policy Compliant Fundraising Items
Cookie Dough Fundraiser
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Gourmet Caramel Corn Fundraiser Gourmet Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser Flower Bulb Fundraiser
Large tubs of mouthwatering gourmet caramel corn! Popular frozen cookie dough for fundraising! A fall flower bulb product fundraiser
High Quality Candle Fundraiser Catalog SuccesSeeds Fundraiser Sugar & Spice Fundraiser Catalog
Beautiful designer jar candles with irresistable scents Fundraiser with a garden seed catalog! Sugar & Spice Fundraiser Catalog
Jelly Belly - The original gourmet jelly beans Magazine Subscription for Fundraising Flower Bulbs for Fundraising
Jelly Belly Fundraiser Magazine Subscription for Fundraising Flower and Bulbs for Fundraising
Recycled Trash Bag Fundraising Product Multi-merchant discount card fundraiser Spirit Wear - Breakout
Bags for Buck$ - Recycled Trash Bag Fundraiser City Savings Card Breakout Design
Spirit Wear - Custom Design Spirit Wear - Grad Designs Spirit Wear - Plaid Designs
Custom Designs Graduate Designs Plaid Designs
Spirit Wear - School Activity Design Spirit Wear - Stock School Activity Design Celebrate Fall School Fundraiser Catalog
School Activity Design Stock School Activity Design A classic fall gift and wrap catalog - our most popular fall fundraiser
Delisheries Peanut Free Cookie Mix Fundraiser Spring Fundraiser Catalog Holiday School Fundraiser Catalog
Delisheries Peanut Free Cookie Dough Mix Fundraiser Catalog

Spring Fundraising Catalog
Great profits - no money upfront - all services included!
A classic fall gift and wrap catalog - our most popular fall fundraiser
Jewelry Fundraising Catalog Music Box Chocolates Welch's fruit snack fundraiser
Jewelry Fundraising Catalog A new and unique in-hand boxed chocolate assortment just for music education groups! Welch's Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and real fruit juices.
Fannie May candy bar fundraiser Van Wyk candy bar fundraiser Van Wyk peanut-free candy bar fundraiser
$1 Fannie May Variety Pack - 4/52 Count
Our Price: $104.00 4/52-count boxes per case
$1 Roasted Almond
Our Price: $124.80
$1 America's Variety
Our Price: $124.80
Fannie May Candy bars are an unforgettably rich indulgence!  The best value in fundraising. Creamy, rich, milk chocolate with almond bars A great assortment of $1 sellers
Van Wyk peanut-free candy bar fundraiser Hershey candy bar fundraiser Faith lollipop fundraiser
$1 United We Stand
Our Price: $124.80
Faith Lollipop Fundraiser
Our Price: $144.00
A great assortment of $1 sellers Top brands for big profits - Hershey's Big Bar Fundraising Candy Assortment Gourmet Faith lollipops for fundraising
Fundraising products for school fundraisers