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vw-av-candy-fundraiser   $1 America's Variety - 4/60 Count
vw-choc-candy-fundraiser   $1 Chocolatiers Variety - 4/60 Count
fm-dkchocolate-fundraiser   $1 Fannie May Dark Chocolate Pack - 4/36 Count
fm-milkchocolate-fundraiser   $1 Fannie May Milk Chocolate Pack - 4/36 Count
fm-caramel-fundraiser   $1 Fannie May Milk Chocolate with Caramel Pack - 4/36 Count
fm-crispedrice-fundraiser   $1 Fannie May Milk Chocolate with Crisp Rice Pack - 4/36 Count
fm-peanutbutter-fundraiser   $1 Fannie May Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Pack - 4/36 Count
fm-candybar-fundraiser   $1 Fannie May Variety Pack - 4/52 Count
vw-welchs-fundraising   $1 Welch's Fruit Snack Fundraising Assortment, 2/54 Count
hershey-ctp-fundraiser   $1.50 Hershey's Chocolate Town Plus - 4/52 Count
hershey-max-fundraiser   $1.50 Hershey's Max - 4/52 Count
vw-chocolatier   $2 Chocolatier Candy Bar Fundraiser - 4/60 Count
hershey-big-bar-fundraiser   $2 Hershey's Big Bar Assortment - 4/30 Count
VW-2PT   $2 Sweet & Salty Pretzel Twists, 4-30 cnt
b-albanese-fundraiser   Albanese Gummies & Candy - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
b-spring-flower-fundraiser   Art in Nature - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
b-trash-bag-fundraiser   Bags for Buck$ Trash Bags - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-11   Baubles Bracelet (B130)
pag-12   Betty Crocker Low Fat-Low Cholesterol Recipes (B141)
pag-13   Black and White Apron (B128)
pag-141   Black and White Crystal Stretch Bracelet (A198)
pag-14   Blue and Silver Candleholder (A130)
pag-15   Bronze Metallic Bead Earrings (A155)
pag-16   Bumble Bee Bank (A131)
pag-17   Bunny Extra Large Kitchen Towel (A169)
pag-18   Bunny Shelf Sitter (A120)
pag-19   Candy Cane Mug (A129)
pag-20   Candy Ornaments-Set of 3 (A135)
pag-21   Celebrate Cake Plate and Server (B112)
pag-22   Celebrate Chair Back Cover and Celebrate Banner (B107)
pag-24   Celebrate Placemats and Cookbook (A100)
pag-25   Celebrate Serving Tray and Countdown (A101)
b-fall-fundraising-catalog-1   Chalk It Up - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
p-fundraiser-prizes-challenge   Challenge Fundraising Prize Program
b-fundraising-candles   Cheerful Giver Candles - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-26   Chick Candy Dish with Salt and Pepper Shakers (A104)
pag-28   Chili Red Ceramic Butter Keeper (B139)
pag-30   Classic Diner Dispensers and Basket Set (A167)
pag-31   Coastal Living Magazine Subscription (A174)
b-coffee-break-fundraiser   Coffee Break - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-32   Cooking Light Magazine Subsription (A175)
b-country-garden-fundraiser   Country Garden - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-34   Cut-Work Candleholders-Set of 2 (A140)
SITEREVIEW   DMI Fundraising Company Reviews
pag-35   Doggy Duty Bag Holder with 60 bags (A168)
pag-36   Dreams Eyeglass Holders (A144)
pag-37   Easter Egg Wind Spinner and Easter Frolic Over-the-Door Decor (A103)
pag-38   Easy Being Green Canvas Bag (A156)
b-easy-entertaining   Easy Entertaining - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-39   Elegant Rhinestone Photo Frame (A145)
pag-40   Entertainment Weekly Magazine Subscription (A176)
pag-42   Essence Magazine Subscription (A177)
pag-43   Eternity Candleholder (A137)
pag-44   Family Activity Calendar and Babysitter Check List (A102)
pag-45   Family Fun-Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine Combo (A195)
pag-46   Fannie May Assortment (A149)
b-box-chocolate-fundraiser   Fannie May Boxed Chocolate - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-47   Fannie May Mint Meltaways (A152)
pag-48   Fannie May Pixies (A151)
pag-49   Fannie May Trinidads (A150)
pag-50   Feng Shui Tissue Box Cover with Asian Influence Bill Organizer and Mango Tango Candle Jar (B101)
pag-51   Feng Shui Wind Chime (A121)
pag-52   Festive Holiday Serving Tray with Snowman with Top Hat Candleholder (A106)
pag-146   Filigree on Black Necklace and Earrings Set (B120)
pag-53   Flavia Siena Address Book and Flavia Siena Bible Cover (B111)
pag-54   Folk Angel 'Ten Commandments' Charm Bracelet (A143)
pag-55   Food and Wine Magazine Subscription (A178)
pag-56   Fortune Magazine Subscription (A179)
pag-58   Frosted Heart Dish (B117)
pag-59   Frosted Vase with Mirror Base (B115)
pag-60   Gemstone Cross Necklace (A128)
pag-61   Golf Magazine Magazine Subscription (A180)
b-gourmet-baking-mixes   Gourmet Baking Mixes - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
b-spring-fundraising2-catalog   Great Gifts - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-144   Green, Silver & Speckled Stone Necklace & Earring Set (A202)
b-greeting-spring-fundraiser   Greeting Spring - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-62   Grill Time Apron (A146)
pag-64   Guardian Angel and Child Figurine (A159)
pag-65   Handy Slicing Holder with Magnetic Kitchen Clips-Set of 3 plus Silicone Scraper (A111)
pag-66   Harvest Cutting Board (A153)
pag-67   Harvest Glass Tray and Salt and Pepper Shakers (B133)
pag-68   Health Magazine Subscription (A181)
pag-69   Heart Strings Necklace and Earrings Set (B132)
pag-70   Hershey's Scented Candle Tins-Set of 3 (A171)
b-fall-fundraising-catalog-5   Holiday Collection - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
b-fall-fundraising-catalog-6   Holiday Impressions - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
b-fall-fundraising-catalog-3   Holly Jolly Holiday - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
b-HomeDecor-fundraiser   Home Decor - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
b-homemade-gourmet-fundraiser   Homemade Gourmet - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-71   Hot Apple Pie Candle (A127)
pag-72   I Am Blessed Necklace (A160)
pag-73   InStyle Magazine Subscription (A182)
b-jellybelly-fundraiser   Jelly Belly - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-74   Jolly Santa Note and Cookie Plate-3 pc set (A134)
pag-75   Journey Pendant Necklace and Cubic Zinconia Post Earrings (B110)
pag-76   Kissing Angel Bells-Set of 2 (A124)
pag-78   Kung Fu Panda Static Sticker Play Set-23 pc set and 'Kung Fu Panda' Coin Sorter Bank (A118)
pag-79   Kung Fu Panda Wastebasket Toss Game and 'Kung Fu Panda' Static Sticker Play Set-23 pc set (A117)
pag-80   Light Up Angel Decoration (B142)
pag-81   Lighthouse Candleholder (A139)
pag-82   Lilac Candle (B125)
pag-84   LOVE and Hearts Photo Frames (A136)
b-magazine-fundraiser   Magazine Subscriptions - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-85   Magnetic Kitchen Clips-Set of 3 with Nesting Bowls-6 pc set (A116)
pag-143   Making Music Tote Bag (A199)
pag-86   Mamacita Mug and Papacita Mug plus TABASCO Trivet (B102)
pag-87   McIntosh Apple Candle (B119)
vw-megaround-lollipop   Mega Rounds Lollipop Fundraiser - 8/72 Count
pag-88   Melon Burst Candle (B121)
pag-89   Metallic Bead Stretch Bracelet (B131)
pag-145   Michael Andrew Stainless Steel Basting Brush & Pan (A203)
pag-90   Microfiber Sponge and Shammy Set (B137)
pag-91   Modern Square Plate (B116)
pag-92   Money Magazine Subscription (A183)
pag-93   Mother and Child Figurine Candleholder (A126)
pag-94   Nativity Ornaments-Set of 6 (A125)
pag-95   No Peeking Placemats set of 8 (A161)
VW-OPR   Original Rods Variety Pack, 4-60 cnt
pag-96   Pastry & Cake Decorating Kit-9 pc set with 2-in-1 Silicone Kitchen Utensil (A112)
p-fundraiser-prizes-pawsome   Paw Some Fundraising Prize Program
pag-99   People en Espanol Magazine Subscription (A185)
pag-106   Polar Bear Ornaments-Set of 3 with Reindeer Fabric Coasters-Set of 4 (A114)
pag-107   Polar Bear Plates with Rack 4 pc set (B114)
b-practical-profits-fundraiser   Practical Profits - Perfect Solutions - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-108   Proverb Bracelet with Heart Bracelet and Angel with Star Cell Phone Charm (B105)
pag-109   Pumpkin Spice Candle (B123)
pag-110   Real Simple Magazine Subscription (A187)
pag-111   Rhinestone Cross Necklace and Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings (A105)
pag-113   Santa in Gift Box Salt & Pepper Shakers with Light-Up Santa Hat (A115)
pag-114   Satin Hangers-Set of 3 plus 'Bling!' Ring Holder and Manicure Set in Polka Dot Purse (B103)
b-caramel-corn-fundraiser   Savory Sweets Gourmet Caramel Corn (3 Item)- Spring 2018 Fundraiser
b-caramel-corn-fundraiser2   Savory Sweets Gourmet Caramel Corn (6 Item)- Spring 2018 Fundraiser
tshirt-fundraiser-school   School Activity Design
b-fall-fundraising-catalog-4   Season of Joy - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-116   Serenity Key Chain (A163)
vw-shockwave-lollipop   Shockwaves Lollipop Fundraiser - 8/72 Count
pag-119   Silver Rhinestone Anklet and Cubic Zirconia Post Earrings (A107)
pag-120   Small Item Screwdriver Set (A164)
b-snack-favorites-fundraiser   Snack Favorites - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
snifty-pencils-birthday   Snifty Birthday Scented Pencil Fundraiser - 5 Scent/Design Assortment
snifty-custom-pen-fundraiser   Snifty Custom Imprinted Scented Pen Fundraiser
snifty-pencils-halloween   Snifty Halloween Scented Pencil Fundraiser - 5 Scent/Design Assortment
snifty-pencils-holiday   Snifty Holiday Scented Pencil Fundraiser - 5 Scent/Design Assortment
snifty-pencils-10   Snifty Original Pencil Fundraiser - 10 Scent/Design Assortment
snifty-multipen-fundraiser   Snifty Pen Fundraiser
snifty-ruler-fundraiser   Snifty Ruler Fundraiser
snifty-pencils-valentine   Snifty Valentine Scented Pencil Fundraiser - 5 Scent/Design Assortment
snifty-pencils-zoo-aquarium   Snifty Zoo/Aquarium Scented Pencil Fundraiser - 10 Scent/Design Assortment
pag-121   Southern Living Magazine Subscription (A188)
pag-122   Split-Level Candleholder (A142)
pag-123   Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine Subscription (A190)
pag-124   Sports Illustrated Magazine Subscription (A189)
pag-126   Star of David Coasters-Set of 4 (A122)
p-fundraiser-prizes-starquest   Star Quest Fundraising Prize Program
b-jewelry-fundraiser   Statement Makers Jewelry & Scarf - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
tshirt-fundraiser-stock   Stock School Activity Design
pag-127   Striped Serving Plate (A119)
b-gourmet-food-fundraiser   Sugar & Spice - Spring 2018 Fundraiser
pag-128   Sunset Magazine Subscription (A191)
pag-129   Sure Turn Magnetic Screw Driver (A166)
b-fall-fundraising-catalog-2   Sweet Surprises - Fall 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
p-fundraiser-prizes-tada   Ta-Da! Fundraising Prize Program
pag-130   THE FLINSTONES Magnetic Goal Chart with Parent and Child Conversation Cards-Set of 50 (A108)
pag-131   The Giving Platter (B138)
b-spring-fundraising-catalog   The Joy of Spring - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-132   This Old House Magazine Subscription (A192)
pag-133   Time Magazine Subscription (A193)
b-timeless-trad-fundraiser   Timeless Traditions - Spring 2018 Fundraiser Catalog
pag-134   Travel and Leisure Magazine Subscription (A194)
pag-135   Triple Candleholder (A138)
pag-142   Turquoise Cuff Bracelet (A-201)
p-fundraiser-prizes-waytoglow   Way to Glow Fundraising Prize Program
pag-137   Weights and Measures Cutting Board (A133)
pag-138   Wild West Snowman Salt and Pepper Set (A141)
pag-140   Zebra Votives-Set of 3 (A170)

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