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Easy Entertaining - Spring 2022 Fundraiser
Easy Entertaining Fundraiser

Made in the USA
No Minimum Order

Earn a great profit - with all services included! Tally, sort, student pack and delivery provided. No money required to start!

Start a sale - Kickoff materials are free!

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Easy Entertaining with Baking Mixes, Soup Mixes, Popcorns & More!

  • 8 pages
    26 items
    $16 - $20 Retail
    Locally Sourced USA-Made Goodies

    Gourmet Baking Mixes are a fantastic alternative to logistics intensive frozen cookie dough sales. No refrigeration or special handling is required with this product!
    This Fundraising Catalog also includes Soup Mixes, Popcorns & More!

    • Pre-prepped sales kits with a color printed promotional letter
    • Kickoff assemblies where available
    • Order tally service
    • Order sorting
    • Student pack
    • Classroom grouping
    • Delivery
    • Motivating seller awards and prizes

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