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Catalog sales are the most traditional type of fundraiser. The variety of products and bottom-line profitability make them a great fundraising idea. When a school pta/pto, little league, club or cheer group wants to raise a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time, with very little volunteer hours required, catalogs are the best choice!

How does it work? DMI provides everything that is needed to conduct the fundraiser, such as parent letters to promote the project, order forms, money collection envelopes and posters. The most profitable fundraising campaigns are run for a period of two weeks, after which orders are sent to DMI where they are tallied. (This is true for most of our catalogs, unless you choose an all online fundraiser such as "Flower Power" or a bulk program such as "Bags for Bucks"). Orders are then picked, scanned and packed by seller and grouped according to class or team. Everything is clearly labeled and shipped to the school or organization. Delivery is free.

Fundraising sponsors tell us, "DMI makes it easy."

There is no cost to get started, simply call (800) 628-5905 or request a fundraiser online
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