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"What is the best product to use?" 

When a customer asks, we are happy to make a suggestion while taking into account the factors that influence the outcome of fundraisers.  With knowledge of industry averages and historical data on product performance, DMI reps are highly qualified to assist you.
The first questions we will ask you are:
  • How many participants?

Candy and catalogs sales are ideal for groups of all sizes.  However, some products such as cookie dough for example, have a minimum order requirement that must be met.

  • How much do you want to make?

Meeting that goal could be as simple as everyone selling just 30 candy bars.  A DMI rep will break the goal down for you, identify the denominator and give suggestions of the most efficient products.

  • What products appeal to you?

We love the products that we offer.  Your group should be excited about the product you are offering, it will be easier to sell!

  • How much time do you have to conduct the fundraising project?

Generally speaking, candy sales require less time to conduct than catalog sales.  T-shirt projects, even longer when you factor in the design requirements.  If you need to meet a specific deadline, or want to schedule a sale around a holiday, let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate your group.

  • How motivated are the participants?
Motivation is key to any successful sale.  Knowing this element can help the fundraising sponsor meet a goal with minimum effort and avoid the pitfall of over-ordering, a profit-eating phenomenon.  DMI offers compelling rewards for participants and honors manufacturer's promotions.  See our 'Promotions' and 'Prizes' pages for more information.
  • What rules, if any, are there for your group about product sales?
While product sales raise billions of dollars for schools and non-profits annually, there are burgeoning regulations from federal and state levels and pressures within organizations to limit product choice. DMI has been responsive to these developments and offers a number of products that administrators will find suitable and compliant with wellness policies.
Your answers will guide us to the best product choice for your fundraiser.  Let's start a conversation about your group today.  Talk to a DMI fundraising representative. Tell us your goal, we'll make it ours!