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How much will we make?

When a customer asks how much will we make, we are happy to give a projection, taking into account all of the factors that influence the outcome of fundraisers. With knowledge of industry averages and historical data on product performance, DMI reps are highly qualified to assist you.
Presently there is a variable range of profit by product. For your convenience, we have summarized them by product category. When you work with DMI you can be confident that the profit percentage will not be eroded with hidden charges, fees or shipping costs. It is our policy to be upfront regarding cost and profit, and inclusive with our services. Please contact us for your group. Tell us your goal, we’ll make it ours!®

Product Category

Profit Range

Included Services


Varies by catalog
minimum of 40%,
up to 50%
Color parent letters
Kickoff presentations where available
Pre-collated/bagged sales kits including brochures, order forms, money collection envelopes and prize program if applicable
Return label for order submission
Data entry of orders
Classroom grouping of orders
Free Shipping/Delivery


Up to 50%

Perforated, color-printed letters for pre-order sales
Free money collection envelopes
Free shipping/delivery with minimum order (12 cases for Hershey's and Fannie May)

Snifty Scented Products

Up to 50%

Free imprint with school name or text on pens
Free shipping/delivery



Free shipping/delivery