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DMI Fundraising provides free of charge

  • Consultation, sale planning and organization
  • Kick-off assembly or video
  • Motivational awards
  • Delivery of kick-off materials
  • Custom-drafted, color, kick-off letter
  • Preparation of kickoff packets (bagged or collated)
  • Online viewing of catalogs to boost sales
  • Online ordering and home delivery with select catalogs
  • Data entry of orders and tally service
  • To-the-student packing with barcode scanning for accuracy
  • Sorting according to class or designated group
  • Free delivery
  • Comprehensive sales reports, printed or emailed
  • Returns accepted

The smallest details make the biggest difference

It is sometimes hard to convey to fundraising sponsors the outstanding level of service we provide, in comparison to our competitors. Here are some examples that illustrate the difference.
UPS and FEDEX package freight allows a carton to weigh up to 70lbs. When your packages arrive you may be lugging 70lbs to the classroom or gym, and then home. Many companies reduce their shipping costs by configuring their cartons to fit up to 70lbs per package. AT DMI, our boxes are configured to contain approx 30 items, which results in weights of 30-40 lbs. The boxes are also cut with hand holds on the ends so that the box can be easily picked up and carried in a comfortable position. We know when the boxes arrive they are most often handled by your volunteers and we are very conscientious about making life as easy as possible in that process! We believe that additional weight in the box causes product damage, therefore shipping less per box is not only easier on both of us, there are fewer product exchanges for your consumers, and is actually a savings.
There are all sorts of types of bags available in which to pack the student orders. We have seen bags tied with a knot, and bags taped, and bags with drawstring tops. Each of these methods is insecure. AT DMI, we use a heat sealer to permanently close the bag to insure that the order packed is intact when the student receives it.
Labeling - we really go all out with the labels. When the products arrive we know that you need to see the name of the classroom/group and student on the top of the box as you carry it. But we also know that many times the boxes for each classroom may get stacked in the gym. So we put a label not only on the top, but also the same label on the end of the box, so that even when the boxes are stacked 6 or so high, you can read down the ends of the boxes to find the name of the student. We also put a large label on the box with the name of the class/group and how many total boxes for that class/group, i. e.
1 OF 6
Call us when you are ready to get your next project underway, with the confidence that you will be getting the complete service that you deserve!