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How to Start A Fundraiser

For first time volunteers, coordinating a fundraiser can be a daunting task! Don't fret. Don't sweat it! We are here with a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Keep it simple. You will raise more money when you limit your sales to two big events rather than many small ones. Many of our customers create a tradition by aligning themselves with a particular product and season. For instance PTO's and PTA's can have a very effective campaign using a gifts & wrap fundraiser catalog in the fall and a major brand candy fundraiser in the spring. DMI offers a great variety of fundraising products for sales any time of year. A fundraising consultant can help you choose the best one for your group.
  2. Set your dates. Whether your selling items from a fundraising brochure or candy from a tote, two-weeks is the recommended time frame for a sale.
  3. Put it in writing. Good records will ensure you keep all of your hard earned profits. This "rule" applies not only to your sales order or contract with DMI, but also to the transactions that occur between your organization and participants in your fundraiser. DMI provides comprehensive tally reports and distribution records for your convenience and security.
  4. Spread the word. It's a good cause! Let everyone know about it. Posters, press releases and public announcements are all effective means of promoting your sale. To keep your participants informed, DMI will draft and copy a fundraiser kick-off letter that includes all of the important details.
  5. Thank your volunteers. When you reach your goal, recognize the efforts of your participants. Perhaps you had some outstanding sales people, teams or classes. DMI can help you create custom award programs to thank the individuals or groups that worked to make your sale a success.

DMI offers a vast selection of fundraising products for schools, clubs, leagues, PTO's/PTA's and other non-profit groups. For more great tips and details contact a DMI Fundraising Consultant!

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